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Mahamumbai will be among the world’s largest privately built cities. Reliance hopes to build everything from sewage lines, roads, housing towers, schools, industrial zones, jetty and power plant at a cost of Rs30,000 crore and eventually auction it to companies. Mahamumbai is close to Mumbai’s proposed new international airport site and the Mumbai-Pune expressway and will also be connected to the metropolis by India’s most ambitious oversea highway, the 22.5km Trans-harbour Sealink from Nhava on the mainland to Sewri in the island city. Combined, the two cities will form the world’s second largest urban agglomeration after Tokyo.

What’s So Important About This Location?

Near Navi Mumbai It is surrounded by 2nd Cleanest and a well-planned city known as Navi Mumbai Navi Mumbai has an enjoyable way of life, well-planned development, and a rapidly expanding social infrastructure. Navi Mumbai is ranked third in India’s quality of life index, according to the latest city rankings issued by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs. It has made significant advances in the economy, education, healthcare, and industry.

Near Mumbai India’s financial capital and the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai, is called the city of dreams. Maha Mumbai is phenomenally connected to nearby cities as well as many other key places. You can reach to the city of dreams, Mumbai within 20 to 30 minutes thanks to the proposed and in underconstruction longest bridge in India which will connect Mumbai and maha Mumbai via road as well as rail connectivity. There is no doubt that Mumbai is one of India’s most prominent real estate markets with the highest real estate prices. Considering that most areas in Mumbai are already occupied by multi-storeyed buildings, private houses, or slums, people as well as investors are looking towards this new city know as Maha Mumbai.

A major factor boosting residential demand here is the construction of Navi Mumbai International Airport. The Ranjanpada railway station and NH-48 are right there too, making travel convenient.
Compared to mainland Mumbai, the real estate prices in MAHAMUMBAI are relatively low and will fit most budgets. With a host of expressways and highways running across its terrain, alongside the local train network, MAHAMUMBAI is easily navigable. Vicinity to a proposed international airport is another top draw in making MAHAMUMBAI a standalone global city. in the form of NMMT buses, cabs and app rides ensure that commute is hassle-free. ensures that the region does not face major water-logging, sanitation, or waste disposal issues. Therefore, investing in properties in and around MAHAMUMBAI is a great option for those looking at long-term investments.

Investing in Mahamumbai is an attractive prospect for many people. The city is a major economic hub in India, with a thriving tech and financial services industry. It is also home to several large-scale infrastructure projects, making it an ideal destination for investors looking to capitalize on long-term growth. Mahamumbai has a well-developed public transportation system, a diverse cultural scene, and a range of world-class educational institutions. The city is also home to some of the country’s best hospitals, making it an ideal place to invest in healthcare. With so much potential for growth, it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to invest in Mahamumbai.

ConclusionMaha Mumbai which is a rapidly developing city by Cidco under khopta township is an excellent strategic option to the congested Mumbai city. Navi Mumbai has become a strong opportunity for real estate investment and now its time for this new city, with several rising micro-markets and established commercial zones in Maha Mumbai.

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